Two New Sacramento Kings Articles!

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Below are links to my two latest Sacramento Kings articles – with brief game recaps, ‘The Positives and Needs Improvement’ sections – from this week’s Kings action!

They are much shorter, and I think better, than many of my previous game recap articles have been!

Kings Score Season High … Take Down Pelicans – 8/6/20

Kings Look Flat In Loss To Nets – 8/6/20

The Kings play their second to last game of the 8 game NBA ‘bubble’ today against James Harden and the Houston Rockets at 2pm PST!

Go Kings!

Have a wonderful day!

Much Love,

Tom Witt

PS – Watch out for some exciting roundnet content coming to your inboxes soon!

Did you know the real name of the sport commonly referred to as ‘Spikeball’ is actually called ’roundnet’!! Now you can impress your friends at your next Zoom based Bananagrams or Scrabble game!

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32 years old - I have been in sports media since 2011. Around 1997, I became a HUGE Sacramento Kings fan ... MJ retired, and I received a Sacramento Kings Kids Club sign-up sheet in the mail... and I've never looked back! GO KINGS!

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