Application To Chris Brickley – NBA Off Season Training Internship


To Chris Brickley,

Hello, my name is Thomas (Tom) Witt and I am very interested in applying and interviewing to become your intern!

The link to my resume on Google Drive is right below:
Tom Witt Resume

Contact Information – Tom Witt – 31 Years Old – MA Degree Kinesiology – – (209)419-2445 – Instagram: @tomtoowitty

I have a passion for sports, coaching, research, writing, progress and people.

From 2012-2016 I worked with the Chico State Mens Basketball program as team manager and then strength and conditioning coach, while pursuing my bachelors and masters degree in kinesiology.

I earned my masters degree in kinesiology and am currently a part time lecturer in the kinesiology program at Chico State University in Chico, CA.

I am pursuing, applying for and was interviewing for positions in university athletics departments, usually in the Sports Information Department – to reach the goal I set of working in athletics – whether that is professional or collegiate.

I have had a love and passion for basketball, and sports, since before I can remember. My grandfather Ernie helped to instill this love of basketball. When I was growing up, he took me to many courts around the ‘East Bay’ just outside of Berkeley, CA – teaching me that it’s ‘all in the wrist’ and that ‘ you can learn more from a win than you can from a loss’. Grandpa Ernie was a former college hooper at San Francisco City College in 1935 – Conference Champions!

I played youth basketball but moved on to other sports – cross country and track – which I competed in during high school through junior college – earning multiple team and individual conference and NorCal championships, and MOST importantly lifelong lessons, memories and friendships. 

When I transferred to Chico State University in northern California I was looking for an identity, and group to join. I was looking for a passion to ignite, a goal to pursue with a group of hungry and passionate people

I first started coaching youth basketball locally in Chico, CA during college – a few junior high and elementary school recreation league teams.

Chico State Mens Basketball

In 2012 I saw a flyer on the wall of the college building I was walking out of after class – Chico State Mens Basketball Seeks Volunteer Team Manager – I immediately copied down the phone number, gathered my thoughts on my walk home and called head coach Greg Clink. I left a voicemail, they called me right back – I went back into the office for an interview and was learning how to set up for practice that afternoon! 

Applying for that internship was the BEST decision I had ever made in my life up to that point, without knowing it at the time.

From 2012-2014/15 I was team manager. I performed an array of duties including but not limited to – preparing the gym for practice, working out with players passing them the ball, using the pad with big men and putting players through drills, filming practices and games, working the shot clock and score board during practice, setting up and taking down film, working with players after practice, rebounding, etc. – anything and everything else that Coach Clink asked.

Starting in 2013, while pursuing my masters of kinesiology degree, I was hired as the Chico State Mens Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach, on an internship/volunteer basis.

While working as head strength and conditioning coach – I assessed all athletes, using FMS protocols, and various other movement screening tools, pre-season, throughout the season and after the season – focusing on basketball specific movements, individualized coaching and cues, and focus on staying injury free and long term progress over short term gain.

I created individualized strength and conditioning, flexibility, recovery training plans specific to the sport of basketball, specific position and to each individual athlete’s needs.

This was all while continuously getting to know each and every one of the people on the team – from players, to coaches, to trainers – to help us grow as a team, myself as a coach and an individual. I also helped to recruit players, as well as advanced to being trusted by Coach Clink to run my own ball handling drills at practice.

As a team, we advanced to multiple NCAA Division II Elite 8’s, won multiple regional and conference champions, and had multiple future basketball professionals – league champions and MVP’s across the world. This was while also making some of my lifelong, best friends.

Throughout my time with Chico State Basketball I learned a lot from head coach Greg Clink, things that I use in my life daily. I have learned so much from being around Coach Clink in terms of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, consistency, patience, compassion – along with SO much more. 

I also learned it takes being both unselfish and selfish to dedicate yourself to a goal and to a team. 

Being unselfish in terms of putting the needs of yourself behind the needs of the team, most of the time.

Conversely, at times being ‘selfish’ and having to say ‘no’ to plans, late nights, spending the extra time and effort to care for your body, taking the time to eat and hydrate well, prioritize sleep and recovery for yourself and the team – sometimes at the expense of missing a party, game, college ‘experience’, etc. 

What I Am Doing Currently

I am now a lecturer in the kinesiology department part time at Chico State.

I have a passion for sports journalism as well. So, just over a year ago I started my own sports blog – TomTooWitty Sports Blog. I was able to be ‘hired’ on as the Sacramento Kings writer for I am also the Spikeball (roundnet) editor for Blogs!

I have a passion for sports, coaching, research, writing. I am pursuing, applying for and was interviewing for positions in university athletics departments, usually in the Sports Information Department – to reach the goal I set of working in athletics – whether that is professional or collegiate.

Since 2011 I have traveled to 25 states competing in Spikeball tournaments and teaching Spikeball to teachers, students, athletes and more! To complete my masters degree thesis project I published the first ever peer-reviewed study on the sport of Spikeball!! Over 100 pages!

I even hosted a Spikeball play day for a professional basketball team from Venezuela, when they were visiting us in Chico, CA. We didn’t speak the same language AT ALL, but through the beauty of sport – the tournament was a HIT! 

I would love to discuss more about interviewing for your internship position, Coach Brickley. 

Thank You,

Tom Witt

Instagram: @tomtoowitty

Greg Clink – Chico State Men’s Basketball Head Coach – (530) 898-5160

Skyler Boles – Spikeball Inc. – Community Development Manager and Director of Play -(530) 519-3965

Published by Tom Witt

32 years old - I have been in sports media since 2011. Around 1997, I became a HUGE Sacramento Kings fan ... MJ retired, and I received a Sacramento Kings Kids Club sign-up sheet in the mail... and I've never looked back! GO KINGS!

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