Sacramento Kings BIG Trade: Bogdanovich Headed to Milwaukee for 3 Players

By: Tom Witt – SacTown Crown – Twitter – @tomtoowitty – 11/17/20

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN – The Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a sign and trade involving Bogdan Bogdanovich.

The sign and trade would send Bogdanovich and Justin James to Milwaukee. In return the Kings will receive Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson and Ersan Ilyasova.

Per NBA rules – the sign and trade will not be official until Sunday 11/22. That is when the free agent moratorium is lifted.

Thoughts On The Bogdanovich Trade

The Kings needed to make this move.

The Kings got worse, in the short term. Though, better positioned for the LONG TERM.

By trading Bogi, in my opinion, maybe moves the Kings from 29-ish wins to 26-ish next season. In other words, the Kings move from 11th seed in the western conference, to the worst team in the west.

Not a bad deal for a team looking to rebuild, while looking ahead at a stacked 2021 draft class.

The Kings need to COMMIT to a rebuild. Our ‘rebuilds of the past’ have been hampered by new coaches, new GM’s, NEW OWNERS, almost moving cities, and a myriad of other tumultuous situations.

The NBA western conference is STACKED. This only solidifies the Kings need to build for the LONG TERM, not hope in the short term.

As much as Kings fans, and me, loved Bogdanovich … in all reality he probably didn’t want to be in Sacramento long term. He’s 28 years old, is an international champion, and wants to win in the NBA.

Because of Bogdanovich’s free agent status – he could have left us for nothing in the free agent market, besides a compensational draft pick.

This move by Kings new general manager Monte McNair is positive for many reasons.

The salary cap.

Setting us up for future moves.

And honestly, getting our team name out there nationally, and showing we are willing to make ‘big’ moves to change the franchise.

Kings Choose Buddy Buckets Over Bogdanovich

This trade will also relieve a lot of the … tension … and questions surrounding Buddy Hield. Hield should presumably be happier now that there won’t be the constant conversation around who should start – Buddy or Bogdanovich.

This move will also make life ‘easier’ for the Kings coaching staff. A happy Hield, seems like a more coachable Hield, just from my perspective.

That is all if the Kings decide to keep Buddy going into the start of the upcoming season – as Hield is constantly involved in trade rumors.

DiVincenzo – A Young Bogdanovich

I see many similarities between Bogdanovich and Donte DiVincenzo.

First off, they are both winners. DiVincenzo won two NCAA national championships at Villanova.

The 23 year old Divincenzo is a solid outside shooter, and improving offensive creator. He also is TOUGH and has great energy and ‘motor’. He will only continue to improve. In 66 games last season, DiVincenzo averaged per game – 23 minutes, 9.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

Most importantly though, DiVincenzo instantly becomes the Kings best on-ball and team defender.

Dante’s defense stood out last season. According to Basketball Reference, DiVincenzo ranked third in the NBA in defensive rating (101.3) and sixth in defensive box plus-minus. He also led the Bucks in steals per game (1.3).

The Red Rocket From The Pocket

The Kings fanbase will fall in love with DiVincenzo because of his energy and passion. I also think that DiVincenzo will thrive off that SacTown energy and love.

DiVincenzo will soak in that ever flowing energy that the SacTown fanbase showers upon any player who gives us a CHANCE at the playoffs.

When the fans are finally able to populate the palace that Vivek built – it will be ROCKIN’.

Capital Christian Alum D.J. Wilson Back in SacTown

D.J. Wilson went to high school in Sacramento at Capital Christian. He has not lived up to his 17th overall selection potential – but he is young, and has a lot of upside. This could be Wilsons opportunity to show what he has.

Ersan Ilyasova is a veteran power forward who could potentially fill a role with the Kings, if they decide to keep him.

Sacramento has A LOT of power forwards – Marvin Bagley III, Richaun Holmes, Nemenja Bjelica, Jabari Parker (who just exercised his option to return to the Kings next year), Harry Giles III … did I miss anyone?

Check out more of my Kings Offseason Opinions and Predictions at the link HERE!

Kings Fans .. Prepare for the Departure of Harry Giles III

It’s as simple as that. The salary cap, the Kings log jam at power forward and the “Marvin Bagley project” all suggest that Harry Giles III won’t be back with the Kings in 2021.

I LOVE Harry Giles III and what he brought to Sacramento. HGIII brought positive energy, a reason for conversation, and big time upside to a fanbase who often doesn’t have anything to look forward to.

In my perfect scenario – Harry continuously improves, gets past his myriad of injuries, and matures into a solid NBA veteran who playoff contenders want on their team.

Picture this – the 2027/28 Kings are the four seed in the NBA west … and Harry is acquired in a midseason trade to add that last needed piece for a championship run. Who knows … a guy can dream, right?!

New GM McNair Setting New Tone

Sacramento’s new GM Monte McNair is already setting an early precedent that the Kings will not be a ‘stagnant’ team. McNair has made more big moves in his first one and a half months on the job than most Kings GM’s have made in their entire SacTown tenure.

Heck, they even brought in a well loved ESPN announcer in Mark Jones! Check out my article on the topic HERE!

It seems as though McNair is making moves for long term consistency, not short term hope.

Coach Walton

I like what players say about Luke Walton, usually worded in terms of ‘being relatable to players’. I think that McNair will continue on his same path of making moves if a need to change presents itself.

If Walton isn’t able to progress the team this season, not necessarily win games, but make progress – I think he will be let go before season’s end.

Former NBA head coach Alvin Gentry was brought in by McNair to be the lead assistant coach. I don’t necessarily think that was to put pressure on Walton or to be his predecessor. I do think that he would be a good option if we do move on from Walton and don’t bring in someone from outside of the franchise.

NBA Draft Wednesday 11/18

The NBA Draft will be held on Wednesday 11/18 on ESPN.

The Kings have been rumored and linked to multiple players, by multiple sources. Most of those players have been considered as ‘3 and D Wings’. Players who can shoot the ball from deep, and also play defense. Common traits that winning NBA teams look for in players, but somehow have escaped the Sacramento Kings.

Some names I’ve talked about in previous articles are –

Saddiq Bey – SacTown Crown article
Aaron Nesmith
Devin Vassell
Patrick Williams

Thanks Bogi!

Personally, Bogdan Boganovich was one of my favorite players on the Kings. The sharp shooter from Serbia was a great fit for the diverse population in the Sacramento area (check out this article on the OLDEST Serbian Orthodox Church in North America just outside of Sacramento in Jackson, CA).

I hope that Bogdanovich gets his chance to shine. With this move to Milwaukee Bogi has some star players around him, playoff opportunities and a shot at winning an NBA championship!

WHO KNOWS … maybe Bogdanovich will come back to SacTown later in his career and help us with a playoff push of our own!

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

Twitter – @tomtoowitty
Instagram – @sactowncrown_kings_report

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32 years old - I have been in sports media since 2011. Around 1997, I became a HUGE Sacramento Kings fan ... MJ retired, and I received a Sacramento Kings Kids Club sign-up sheet in the mail... and I've never looked back! GO KINGS!

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