The impending trade between the Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks involving Bogdan Bogdanovic has been ‘squashed’.

The trade included sending Bogdanovic and Justin James to the Milwaukee Bucks for Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson, and Ersan Ilyasova.

The trade has apparently been put on hold and more recently fully ‘cancelled’ – and there are a few rumors that have been ‘swirling’ around as to WHY.

Bogdanovic Opts Out Of Trade – Updates Across The Nation

Sam Amick of The Athletic has been updating Kings fans on Twitter in terms of the Bogdanovic trade.

ESPN’s ‘Woj’ tweeted that Bogdanovic will enter restricted free agency on Friday.

Talkin’ Bout Rumors

Rumors I’ve been hearing on Kings radio KHTK 1140 AM mention that Bogi feels he thinks he can get more money on the restricted free agent market, compared to what he was going to get with in the trade to the Bucks.

The amount that the Bucks could offer to Bogi, because of their trade for Jrue Holiday, seemed to be the main reason this trade did not go through. By adding Holiday, the Bucks are unable to offer more money to Bogi, due to the very confusing NBA salary cap and free agency rules!

Bogdanovic Wants Control Of His Future

This seems like a move on Bogi’s part in part to gain a bit of control over his future.

There is a big difference between earning $14 and $18 million per year, over the next three years. Probably even more important than getting ‘what he is worth’, that type of ‘extra money’ per year can positively affect multiple generations of your family. That’s big time!

Bogi ultimately probably wants a little bit more control and flexibility in his final free agency destination.

Previously, Sacramento Kings ‘talking heads’ have constantly mentioned that Bogi likes living and playing in Sacramento. I can see why he would rather live in Folsom, CA during January, opposed to Milwaukee, WI.

Also, Bogdanovic has often been rumored to want to be a starter. Maybe he wants to go to a team where he is a starter? Maybe he is hungry for a championship and wants to go to a contender? Maybe he wants to get paid? Maybe he wants to stay in Sacramento? WHO KNOWS!

New GM McNair Setting A New Tone In SacTown

Regardless of the Bogdanovic trade being nixed, Sacramento’s new GM Monte McNair is already setting an early precedent that the Kings will not be a ‘stagnant’ team.

McNair has made more big moves in his first month and a half on the job than most Kings GM’s have made in their entire SacTown tenure.

Coach Walton

I like what players say about Luke Walton, usually worded in terms of “being relatable to players.”

If Walton isn’t able to progress the team this season, not necessarily win games, but make progress, I think he will be let go before season’s end.

Former NBA head coach Alvin Gentry was brought in by McNair to be the lead assistant coach. I don’t necessarily think that was to put pressure on Walton or to be his predecessor. However, I do think that he would be a good option if the Kings do move on from Walton, and don’t bring in someone from outside the franchise.

Heck, they even brought in a well loved ESPN announcer in Mark Jones! Check out my article on the topic HERE!

It seems as though McNair is making moves for long term consistency, not short term hope.

Bogdanovic Or Buddy?

Simply put, the question we thought might be FINALLY answered is back on the forefront of Kings fans minds.

Check out my article on the topic of who to start, Bogi or Buddy – HERE!

Looking Ahead!

The next few hours, days and weeks will be big in terms of the short term and long term future of the Sacramento Kings.

Will the Kings make another trade? Will they sign any free agents?

Games start in just over a MONTH! Although, there won’t be fans in the stands at The Palace That Vivek Built (Golden1 Center) – NorCal will be rockin’ and ready for more Kings basketball!

Check back for my upcoming article on Tyrese Haliburton, whom the Kings selected 12th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft.

It is an exciting time in SacTown!

GO Kings!

-Tom Witt

Twitter – @tomtoowitty
Instagram – @sactowncrown_kings_report
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My article on the topic of the original Bogi trade is linked HERE. I wanted to correct a few errors in the previous article – I often misspelled ‘Bogdanovic’. Learning moments, progress is a process.

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