Win/Loss Predictions: Sacramento Kings – Part One

One question continues to loom in SacTown … will this FINALLY be the season the Sacramento Kings snap their 15 season-long PLAYOFF-LESS streak? The opening stretch of the 2021-22 NBA regular season schedule will be a tough test for the young Kings. The Sacramento Kings 2021-22 NBA regular season schedule begins on October 20th, inContinue reading “Win/Loss Predictions: Sacramento Kings – Part One”

Sacramento Kings Three Guard Combo: Fox, Haliburton, Mitchell

The word versatility comes to mind when describing the 2021-22 Sacramento Kings roster. One group that provides a lot of that versatility is the new ‘three guard combo’ consisting of De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and Davion Mitchell. Fox, Haliburton, and Mitchell all bring their own high-level, unique, and improving skills sets. Whether they are ALLContinue reading “Sacramento Kings Three Guard Combo: Fox, Haliburton, Mitchell”

Three Reasons to Watch the Sacramento Kings: Big Man Group

Most of the talk, regionally and nationally, claim that the Sacramento Kings did not do much of anything in the offseason to improve. I BEG to differ! Since the 2020-21 NBA trade deadline and during this offseason, I think the Kings have made moves to improve, with the ultimate goal of making the playoffs forContinue reading “Three Reasons to Watch the Sacramento Kings: Big Man Group”

Four Reasons The Sacramento Kings Deserve National TV Broadcast

The Sacramento Kings deserve a national TV broadcast, and I give you four of my reasons why! The 2021-22 Sacramento Kings schedule does NOT include any nationally televised games. The last time the Kings even sniffed an opportunity at a nationally broadcast game was March 11, 2020. That game was scheduled to be televised onContinue reading “Four Reasons The Sacramento Kings Deserve National TV Broadcast”

Will Tyrese Haliburton Take a Major Leap in Year Two?

Rookie Campaign Tyrese Haliburton was selected 12th overall in the 2020 NBA draft and made an instant positive impact on the Sacramento Kings and their rabid fan base. Tyrese was dubbed ‘steal of the draft’ by multiple expert analysts and was in the running for the NBA Rookie of the Year award the entire season.Continue reading “Will Tyrese Haliburton Take a Major Leap in Year Two?”

Tom’s Top Three: Sacramento Kings Content

In today’s sports world, there are MANY ways to eat up your favorite sports media voices. Classic consumption methods may include nostalgic AM radio, newspaper, magazine, cable television. Or maybe you enjoy the more new-age styles including podcasts, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, and more! Regardless, it can be exciting and overwhelming when chewing up yourContinue reading “Tom’s Top Three: Sacramento Kings Content”

Three Reasons the Sacramento Kings Offseason Will Be Exciting

This Sacramento Kings offseason should be exciting, full of big possibilities and changes. After having a fighters chance at the 2020-21 NBA Playoff Play-In, the Sacramento Kings fell just short, missing the playoffs for the 15th straight season. Though, there is a lot for Kings fans to be excited about! Read ahead for three reasonsContinue reading “Three Reasons the Sacramento Kings Offseason Will Be Exciting”

Sacramento Kings Chimezie Metu Player Profile

Born in Los Angeles, raised in Nigeria, the 24-year-old Chimezie Metu stands at 6’10”, 225 lbs. Ahead, I will cover the prep/college and professional career of Metu, as well as my takes on the impact he can have on the Sacramento Kings in the future! Metu has made the most of his opportunities with theContinue reading “Sacramento Kings Chimezie Metu Player Profile”

Kayte Christensen-Hunter Basketball Career Bio

Kayte Christensen-Hunter has been a GAME-CHANGER in the basketball world. She worked hard to achieve much success in prep, collegiate and professional basketball. Currently, Kayte is a member of the Sacramento Kings television media team. She is a crucial part of the pre and post-game show, along with growing in-game commentating opportunities! Kayte’s journey spansContinue reading “Kayte Christensen-Hunter Basketball Career Bio”

Sacramento Kings Look to End 15 Year Playoff Drought

The NBA playoff play-in and the Sacramento Kings are becoming synonymous! Which is one of the only upsides, and to some folks … downsides … of the Sacramento Kings over last season and this season. Ahead, I will provide a bit more information on the structure of the NBA Playoff Play-In and the Sacramento KingsContinue reading “Sacramento Kings Look to End 15 Year Playoff Drought”