Sacramento Kings Potential Trades and Future Moves

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Just about halfway through the 2020-21 NBA season, and the Sacramento Kings look to be sellers in the NBA trade market. Ahead, I outline a few Sacramento Kings potential trades. As well as some of the possible ‘motives’ behind different types of moves that Sacramento Kings general manager Monte McNair may make before the March 25th NBA trade deadline.

Many Potential Trade ‘Motives’

There many possibilities in terms of Sacramento Kings potential trades and future moves.

Carmichael Dave‘ said it well in his recent article, “Monte’s Plan is Clear Ish”Sacramento Kings GM Monte McNair needs to think in the MACRO, not the MICRO.

The Kings had a stretch earlier in the season where they won 7 of 8 games and showed flashes of playoff prowess! Though, after that hot streak, the consistent inconsistency got the best of the Kings, who have recently lost 9 of their last 10 games … as of Saturday 2/27/21.

That hot stretch gave the Kings fans some ‘false hope’ in terms of a playoff push. I think the Kings are SELLERS as the trade deadline approaches.

Kings Have Valuable ‘Playoff Assets’

Sacramento Kings Team Payroll

The Sacramento Kings roster is full of players who can potentially fill MANY roles on teams contending for the playoffs and championship.

In late January I went over my ‘Sacramento Kings Trade-Ability Tiers’ for EVERY player on the Kings roster.

I still mostly stand by the ‘three tiers’ I outlined in that article. Besides De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and Marvin Bagley III (for now), all Sacramento Kings players are tradeable, in my opinion. Some of the ‘nuance’ behind my thoughts on each player and their future with the Kings will be expanded upon more, later in this article.

The Kings have many players whom I think can offer a lot of value to the right team, at the right time.

Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield is a polarizing figure in the Sacramento Kings basketball world. I think the Kings would be best suited if they can move on from Buddy.

The Kings might be able to get ‘lucky’ and find a trade partner who is willing to ‘overpay’ to add Buddy to a championship run.

Another scenario may involve the Kings trading Hield for a ‘salary dump’ type of player(s), in order to free up room to make more moves in the future.

I think the most realistic scenario is that the Kings do not move Buddy Hield this season. He is making $24 million this season, declining by $2 million each season until his contract is over at the end of the 2023-24 season.

Hield might be hard to trade, this season.

Who knows though, Buddy could age well, and fit into an ELITE shooting role off the bench for the Kings at $18 million during a playoff run in the 2023-24 season ….

Richaun Holmes

Richaun Holmes ranks in the top of the league in multiple categories!

Holmes ranks in the top 4 in the league in 2PT FG percentage.

He also ranks first in the league in personal fouls. Although, Holmes is getting better at not getting into foul trouble. It is hard sometimes though, when he is the only one playing defense on the floor for the Kings.

I am going to get straight to it ….

Does Monte McNair value Holmes enough to re-sign him? How do Bagley III and Richaun Holmes pair together in the future?

Does McNair want to utilize the ‘Robinhood’ method, and trade Holmes at his highest value? Maybe even do the ‘unspeakable’ and trade him with the hopes to pursue him back to Sactown in the free agent market, with an added piece from trading him previously ….

Or, just move on completely.

The next few weeks leading up the the March 25th NBA trade deadline, and the decisions made with Richaun Holmes will really dictate the Kings future, short term and long term.

McNair has some tough, and exciting, decisions ahead!

Harrison Barnes

I love what Harrison Barnes brings to the Kings in terms of defense, and at times offensively. Though, Barnes is sometimes ‘inconsistent’ on offense.

To me, that inconsistency is due to a few different reasons. Sometimes, he is just off and doesn’t score much. Sometimes he is tasked with defending the opponents best offensive player, night after night.

Barnes has even been playing some ‘5’, or center, for the Kings in smaller lineups. Being consistently productive on offense is tough, especially when Barnes is giving a high level of individual defensive effort, on an all-time bad defensive team.

Barnes can add a LOT to a playoff or championship contending team, depending on need and fit. Barnes can even play a role on a team that isn’t quite contending for a championship this season, but building for the future.

Harrison Barnes is under contract for two years after this season. He makes $22 million this season, with that number declining by $2 million or so the next few seasons. That could work in the favor of the Kings, or it could work against them.

The right team, at the right time, with the right need …

Nemanja Bjelica

Bjelica is a sharp shooter, who doesn’t shy away from the big shots … or the big inbounds pass.

Big Shot Belli‘ has made some CLUTCH late game shots, many times for the Kings.

ANY playoff bound team, especially a team with championship aspirations this season, would benefit from having Bjelica on their roster.

Even if that just means Bjelica plays a few minutes here and there. If he can hit even one big shot, to help on a team’s quest to win a championship, it would be well worth ‘renting’ out Bjelica for a playoff run.

Will the Kings trade him as part of a package deal? Or just indivdually?

The ‘package deal’ option seems like the best way to get the most VALUE out of most Kings trade options for Belli. Maybe add in a third team. There are LOTS of options out there for Bjelica and the Kings to make moves, if they choose to do so!

Bjelica has been looking good in his limited role recently with the Kings. What happened with him sitting out earlier this season? Are the Kings tempted to keep him? Will they look to re-sign him in the off-season?

Since the Kings aren’t making a legit playoff run this season, and Bjelica is a free agent at the end of the season, I think the Kings SHOULD move him.

Hell, for the good of the view-ability of the NBA playoffs, Bjelica and MANY other Kings should be spread around the league to teams who can utilize their skills to pursue a championship …

Maybe I should write an article about former Sacramento Kings players currently ballin’ on another team …. who knows?

Hassan Whiteside

Whiteside can add DEFENSE to a team that needs a big, slow, lane clogger! He also has 6 fouls to use up for a team …

I think that any team who may want to trade for Whiteside will do so based on a future potential playoff matchup with a specific opponent. Not necessarily for the their current team needs, but based on an important playoff matchup in the future.

Maybe a team’s coaching staff thinks the way to stop Embiid, Giannis, or even an elite, lane penetrating guard … is to just clog the lane up and force a different mode of attack.

Again, I think the Kings can get the most value out of a Whiteside trade if they package him with other players.

Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph seems to be another one of those Kings players that will play much better when on a better team, with better players, more established systems, etc.

Joseph can lock down on defense with the best in the league. On a playoff team, with POTENT offensive weapons around him, Joseph could shine in a championship run!

Just like multiple of the players listed above, Joseph will probably bring back the ‘most value’ paired with other Kings players in a trade, or potentially involving the third team.

Joseph makes $12.6 million this and next season. If the Kings decide to just get rid of him for a ‘salary dump’ and add someone else going into next season, I’m alright with that.

Three Ways Kings Can ‘Upgrade’

Trades, Free Agency, NBA Draft

I posed a poll on my Twitter and 36 people voted on how they think the Kings should look to upgrade in the future.

The results showed that 54% of voters think they should do that mainly through the NBA draft, 38% trade, and 8% free agency.

The ‘farm system’ of the NBA G League is improving daily! Though, it doesn’t seem like all that many players are getting NBA call-ups and making impacts on playoff teams. I think that is going to be more of an option in the future. Right now though, developing ‘impact’ players on playoff teams isn’t something the G League is doing consistently, yet.

Former G League and Stockton Kings standout DaQuan Jeffries has seen increased minutes since his return from injury. Many Sacramento Kings ‘talking heads’ out there are calling for more minutes for Jeffries, and even to start him over … Buddy Hield.

Kings rookies Jahmi’us Ramsey and Robert Woodard have been playing well in the G League ‘Gubble’ this season. Will they ever make an impact on a playoff-bound Sacramento Kings team? I need to do more research, and let time take its course. Patience seems to be a theme with Kings basketball …

Dump Salary and ‘Reset’

One approach to the Kings long term playoff-type improvement, may be to just trade some of our higher salary players. That might be for other high salary players, or players which teams are looking to move on from, with expiring contracts.

This route may give the Kings a bit more money in the free agency market going into the upcoming off-season.

This ‘dump and reset’ (no not Carmichael Dave‘s morning routine…) approach also gives the Kings more opportunity in the trade market. With more money available, they may be able to trade draft picks and ‘non-core’ players for a player on another team to take on an ‘impact’ player with a ‘higher’ salary.

Acquire Draft Picks

Another avenue the Kings may travel down is to trade players for draft assets.

Those draft assets may come along with some young unproven players. Players who have fallen out of favor/rotation on their previous team, or veterans to add salary to the trade.

Monte McNair has talked about having ‘control’ of the roster going forward. One of the best ways to do that, is to choose the players in the draft to build your team around.

‘Mid-Level Star’ to Complement ‘Kings Core Three’

One more ‘farfetched’ possibility would be for the Kings to acquire a proven player through trade or free agency.

In my opinion, this would have to be a player who the Kings can pair along with their ‘core three’ of De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton, and Marvin Bagley III.

This could be a player who the Kings are willing to potentially trade for, using their future first-round draft selections and ‘non-core three’ players.

The likelihood of the Kings landing a major free agent during the next off season are low, in my opinion.

In the future, I think the Kings will build a positive reputation around the NBA and be a more sought out free agent destination.

For now though, the Kings still need to build that league wide free agent rapport. That will most likely be done through the draft in the short term, and by cleansing the roster with salary dump and reset type trades.

This will give GM McNair more control of the future of the Kings. Which will put them in a position to contend for the playoffs and a championship consistently, for years to come.

Remember the wise words of Carmichael Dave … ‘macro not micro’.

Sacramento Kings Potential Trades – NBA Trade Machine Fun

I’m not going to go over multiple, unrealistic Sacramento Kings potential trades. I try to not predict too many trades or moves. But … the ‘NBA Trade Machine’ is fun to play around with from time to time.

I will present one trade option that I think works well for the Sacramento Kings and Philadelphia 76ers.

Questions Remain

What is Marvin Bagley III future ‘position’ on the floor with the Kings?

What does GM Monte McNair think of the price and the future fit of Richaun Holmes?

How does McNair feel about head coach Luke Walton‘s long term future with the Kings?

Future is Bright in Sactown

I think the Kings future is exciting and bright!

There is a lot of upside for all of the Kings players.

I mean, do we really want to break our 15 year playoff drought when Golden1 Center isn’t allowed to be ROARIN’ at FULL capacity? I’ll wait another year for a first round playoff home game, and most likely exit. That whole patience thing again, jeez!

I Want YOUR Opinion

What are your thoughts on Sacramento Kings potential trades and future moves?

Who/what position/type of player do the Kings need to add alongside their ‘core three’ to make a consistent playoff presence in the future?

Let’s start the conversation on Twitter @sactowncrown

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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Kings Defense Shines in Victory Against Nuggets

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Kings Defense Shines in Victory Against Nuggets


On Tuesday, the Kings move to a 3-1 record with a thrilling victory over the 2019-20 NBA WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALIST Denver Nuggets!

Upcoming Kings Games

Thursday 12/31 – @ Houston Rockets

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Sacramento Kings Weekly Recap 1 – Optimism High After First 2-0 Start Since 2003!

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Sacramento Kings Weekly Recap 1 – By Tom Witt

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Sactown Crown Report: Kings 2020 Draft Selection Player Breakdown & G-League UPDATE

By: Tom Witt – Twitter: @sactowncrown – 12/5/20

The Sacramento Kings are in what some would call a ‘re-build’. Kings fans have heard that phrase a FEW times before.

The last time the franchise made the playoffs was in 2006. That was a team comprised of a ballin’ Bonzi Wells, a young Kevin Martin, and the veteran point guard Mike Bibby.

Kings NEW general manager Monte McNair has a vision, an ivy league degree, and multiple years of experience working his way up in the Houston Rockets front office ranks.

Read ahead to learn more about the three Sacramento Kings NBA Draft selections and MORE!

In This Article

  • Kings 2020 Draft Selection Player Breakdown
  • Stockton Kings G-League Update
  • Speculation, Opinions, Stats, History, More!

2020 Sacramento Kings Draft Selections:

The Kings have signed all three of their selections from the 2020 NBA Draft – Tyrese Haliburton, Jahmi’us Ramsey and Robert Woodard.

Read more about all three players below!

Guard/Wing – Tyrese Haliburton – 12th Overall (1st round) – Iowa State

Check out my FULL BREAKDOWN of Haliburton and his bright future with the Kings HERE!

With the 12th overall selection in the 2020 NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings selected Tyrese Haliburton – 6’5″, 175 lbs, 7′ wingspan – guard from Iowa State University.

For Kings fans experiencing chronic draft day anxiety – KHTK 1140 reported Haliburton saying,

“Sacramento is the perfect spot for me… I’m ready to get to work right away.”

Tyrese Haliburton


The Iowa State Cyclone played two seasons in college.

During the COVID shortened 2019-20 season, the sophomore Haliburton averaged 15.2 points, 6.5 assists and 1 steal per game. He shot 50% FG, 40% 3pt FG and 82% free throws.

I saw MANY mock drafts that had Haliburton in the top 6 selections. Link HERE


Former NBA assistant GM Bobby Marks, currently an NBA draft analyst for ESPN, was live on the ESPN NBA Draft TV coverage praising Haliburton.

Marks mentioned that Haliburton is the best pre-draft interview he has been part of during 25 years working in the NBA and at ESPN.

Live on ESPN, Marks also went on to say that he thinks he will be in the league for 15 years.

Check out my FULL BREAKDOWN of Haliburton and his bright future with the Kings HERE!

Forward/Wing – Robert Woodard – 40th overall selection (2nd rd.) – Mississippi State

Robert Woodard is a hustle and defensive machine. What Woodard currently lacks in offensive refinement – he makes up for with effort, intensity, and high IQ play.

Woodard has the ability to guard multiple positions. Measuring in at 6’7″, 235lbs, 7’1″ wingspan – Woodard has good defensive footwork, IQ, and a drive to be successful on the defensive end.

In his sophomore season at Mississippi State, Woodard averaged 11.4 ppg, 6.5 rpg, and just over 1 steal per game.

To be successful in the NBA, Woodard needs to work on his offensive skills and confidence. He doesn’t need to be a volume shooter, or necessarily need to create his own shot, to be successful in the NBA. Woodard will be successful working on his catch and shoot 3’s, and mid range game – while being a defensive minded, high IQ, hustle player!

Guard – Jahmi’us Ramsey – 43rd overall selection (2nd rd.) – Texas Tech

Ramsey is a confident player, who is LOOKING to score.

He can score from all three levels – at the rim, in the mid-range, and from deep. The Texas Tech product is confident, has a strong body, above average offensive footwork/moves for his age.

On the offensive end, Ramsey needs to improve his shot selection, and discipline. Gaining experience, high-quality coaching, and an opportunity to play will help Ramsey on the offensive end.

As a freshman at Texas Tech, Ramsey averaged over 15 ppg.

On the defensive end, Ramsey needs to work on his defensive technique, footwork, and effort. The tape I’ve seen shows him often biting on shot fakes, being over-aggressive, and out of the system.

As Ramsey gains more experience, and NBA level coaching, that level of tenacity and aggression on defense will serve him well!

I am not completely sure of who can be sent to the G-League, per their contract, how often, etc. BUT I could see Ramsey BALLIN’ in the 209 for the Stockton Kings.

Link to complete list of 2020 NBA Draft selections

G-League Update

What is the G-League?

  • Beginning with the 2017-18 season, the NBA Development League (NBA D-League) became the NBA G League as part of a multiyear expanded partnership between the NBA and Gatorade.

The Stockton Kings are the Sacramento Kings NBA G-League affiliate team. Stockton finished the COVID shortened 2019-20 regular season as G-League Pacific Division Champs – fifth seed in the western conference.

Stockton finished the 2019-20 season at 24-19 – before the G-League season and playoffs were cancelled on March 12th.

Graduation Rate HIGH In Stockton

In regards to producing NBA players, the Stockton Kings have been one of the best G-League teams over the past few seasons.

Stockton is tied for first with Sioux Falls in the category of ‘unique player call ups’ with eight. And rank second in the league in ‘non-parent call ups’ with six.

See how the Stockton Kings rank amongst the other G-League franchises

2020-21 G-League Season On The Rocks

The prospect for a 2020-21 G-League season is not looking great.

From an article by Slam Magazine written on 10/15/20,

According to the New York Post’s Marc Berman, there may not be a 2020-21 for the G League due to the Coronavirus crisis. According to industry sources, there have been discussions of various scenarios for a GLeague campaign, including not holding one at all and expanding NBA rosters instead.

There is some chatter that there may be a G-League bubble put on for a few weeks at a time. This has been rumored to keep players active, and potentially ready to be called up to the ‘big leagues’.

G-League/NBA Two Way Contracts

In 2017 each NBA team were granted two extra roster spots with the addition of G-League two-way contracts. That raised the number of NBA roster spots from 15 to 17.

From the G-League website:

  • NBA teams may have up to two players under NBA Two-Way Contracts who will spend the bulk of the season in the NBA G League and not more than 45 days with their NBA team.
  • Two-Way players are paid a corresponding daily amount based on the number of days they play in each league.
  • Only players in their fourth NBA season or earlier are able to sign Two-Way Contracts, which can be for either one or two seasons.

Last season the Kings ‘two way players’ were Kyle Guy and Da’Quan Jeffries. Guy is still on a two way contract this season for the Kings.

Jeffries showed his NBA ability during the ‘bubble’ and earned a three year NBA contract from the Kings in the off season!

In later articles I will dive deeper into the G-League, the rich hoops roots of the Reno Bighorns, and the bright future of the G-League and Stockton Kings.

Looking Ahead

Sacramento Kings 2020-21 Preseason

Regular Season Schedule

It will be a fun preseason for the Sacramento Kings and their rabid fanbase.

Personally, I am excited to see how the Kings ‘young core’ of De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, Marvin Bagley III has improved upon this off season. I am also excited to see how the new free agents and rookies will be utilized.

The Kings start their preseason action on Friday 12/11 at 7:30pm against the Portland TrailBlazers.

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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INSTAGRAM – @sactowncrownreport

Website – https://sactowncrownreport.com/

Previous Articles


Sacramento Kings WIN NBA Draft 1st Round: Select Guard Tyrese Haliburton 12th Overall


With the 12th overall selection in the 2020 NBA Draft the Sacramento Kings selected Tyrese Haliburton – 6’5″, 175 lbs, 7′ wingspan – guard from Iowa State University.

For Kings fans experiencing chronic draft day anxiety – KHTK 1140 reported Haliburton saying, “Sacramento is the perfect spot for me… I’m ready to get to work right away.”

Haliburton ‘Slips’ To SacTown

The Iowa State Cyclone played two seasons in college.

During the COVID shortened 2019/20 season, the sophomore Haliburton averaged 15.2 points, 6.5 assists, 1 steal per game. He shot 50% FG, 40% 3pt FG, 82% free throws.

It seemed like the first three selections in the NBA draft went ‘as planned’. Then the Chicago Bulls selected Patrick Williams, big man out of Florida State. I did not see many mock drafts with Williams going to Chicago. The Bulls selection seemed to ‘stir’ things up over the next ten or so selections.

I saw MANY mock drafts that had Haliburton in the top 6 selections. Link HERE!

A mock draft by Tankathon had him going at 4th overall!

Link to complete list of 2020 NBA Draft selections

High Praise For Haliburton

Former NBA assistant GM Bobby Marks, currently an NBA draft analyst for ESPN, was live on the ESPN NBA Draft TV coverage praising Haliburton.

Marks mentioned that Haliburton is the best pre-draft interview he has been part of during 25 years working in the NBA and at ESPN.

Live on ESPN, Marks also went on to say that he thinks he will be in the league for 15 years.

In the heat of the moment, Marks even went on to state on the air that “the Kings are winning the night so far.”

Marks compares Haliburton’s ‘FLOOR’ to Shaun Livingston.

That type of praise speaks for itself!

Marks is interviewed HERE by ‘Deuce & Mo’.

Haliburton Touted For High Basketball IQ

Iowa State men’s basketball head coach Steve Prohm is interviewed HERE by ‘Deuce & Mo’.

More than just his on court playing ability, Prohm praises a lot of the ‘intangibles’ that Haliburton brings to the Kings organization. High IQ, spirit, passion. Coach Prohm even went to describe Haliburton as a ‘rock star’.

One last comment from the Iowa State Cyclone head coach – “Sacramento is in for a treat.”

Offensive Efficiency

Haliburton shot an impressive 49% on ‘Catch and Shoot’ opportunities.


My Thoughts On Haliburton

After watching some film on Tyrese a few things pop out to me:

He is a playmaker, with great vision. The new King is patient with the ball coming off of screens and when probing into the lane.

The vision and patience he displayed, and the ability to find the open player for an assist, is something that stood out while watching film.

Change of Pace

He changes speeds well, and uses that change of pace to his advantage on offense.

Although his shot may look ‘unconventional’, it looks efficient and confident. That confident release from deep will help when long, athletic NBA defenders are closing out on him after a drive and kick from De’Aaron Fox.

The 12th overall selection can also score at ‘all three levels’.

He shoots at a high percentage and with confidence from three, has a patient mid-range/floater game, and also demonstrates patience, touch and ability to finish around the basket.

As he continues to gain strength, his ability to finish in the lane will continue to improve. Which will open up more outside shooting opportunities for him. The future is BRIGHT for Haliburton.

Areas That Need Improvement


As mentioned previously, Haliburton needs to continue to gain weight and strength. One ‘knock’ scouts have on Tyrese is his ability to defend the pick and roll against bigger defenders.

His lack of size has also presented a struggle when trying to drive and finish in the lane. As well as taking the ball up the floor against a full court pressure.

I think that with time, nutrition and training – he will add the needed ‘NBA’ weight. There is NO lack of effort, that I’ve seen, when it comes to his defensive intensity – just sometimes a lack of size.

Awkward, Slow Release

His shot has been criticized to be slow at release and ‘awkward’. I personally think that with a few tweaks, over time, he will continue to hit at the high shooting percentage he displayed in his final collegiate season (50% FG, 41% 3pt FG).

Kings GM McNair Setting New Precedent In SacTown

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Kings new general manager Monte McNair is not the same old ‘KANGZ’ GM.

In an article on KHTK 1140 McNair said of the Kings draft strategy

“It was just about the best player available. It always will be,” McNair said during a media session after the draft. “We’re happy that he fits the style of play we want, but first and foremost he was the best talent available to us and we don’t pass up talent.”

That seems to be a big change from the Kings previous draft strategy … which wasn’t very clear or very … good.

Tyrese HaliBURNin’

The 6’5″, 175 lbs guard went on the Carmichael Dave show a few days after the NBA Draft and said he had gained 17lbs over quarantine. That’s 17lbs of GOOD weight, not Carmichael Dave weight.

That is very promising to hear. As a leaner player, it seems like Haliburton needs to add a little weight over the next few years. Not necessarily to get stronger, but to be better able to take the physicality of the NBA.

Looking Ahead

Training camp is slated to start December 1st. That’s … SOON!

Keep an eye out for my next article – ANALYZING Kings 2nd round selections Robert Woodard II and Jahmi’us Ramsey.

GO Kings!

-Tom Witt




The impending trade between the Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks involving Bogdan Bogdanovic has been ‘squashed’.

The trade included sending Bogdanovic and Justin James to the Milwaukee Bucks for Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson, and Ersan Ilyasova.

The trade has apparently been put on hold and more recently fully ‘cancelled’ – and there are a few rumors that have been ‘swirling’ around as to WHY.

Bogdanovic Opts Out Of Trade – Updates Across The Nation

Sam Amick of The Athletic has been updating Kings fans on Twitter in terms of the Bogdanovic trade.

ESPN’s ‘Woj’ tweeted that Bogdanovic will enter restricted free agency on Friday.

Talkin’ Bout Rumors

Rumors I’ve been hearing on Kings radio KHTK 1140 AM mention that Bogi feels he thinks he can get more money on the restricted free agent market, compared to what he was going to get with in the trade to the Bucks.

The amount that the Bucks could offer to Bogi, because of their trade for Jrue Holiday, seemed to be the main reason this trade did not go through. By adding Holiday, the Bucks are unable to offer more money to Bogi, due to the very confusing NBA salary cap and free agency rules!

Bogdanovic Wants Control Of His Future

This seems like a move on Bogi’s part in part to gain a bit of control over his future.

There is a big difference between earning $14 and $18 million per year, over the next three years. Probably even more important than getting ‘what he is worth’, that type of ‘extra money’ per year can positively affect multiple generations of your family. That’s big time!

Bogi ultimately probably wants a little bit more control and flexibility in his final free agency destination.

Previously, Sacramento Kings ‘talking heads’ have constantly mentioned that Bogi likes living and playing in Sacramento. I can see why he would rather live in Folsom, CA during January, opposed to Milwaukee, WI.

Also, Bogdanovic has often been rumored to want to be a starter. Maybe he wants to go to a team where he is a starter? Maybe he is hungry for a championship and wants to go to a contender? Maybe he wants to get paid? Maybe he wants to stay in Sacramento? WHO KNOWS!

New GM McNair Setting A New Tone In SacTown

Regardless of the Bogdanovic trade being nixed, Sacramento’s new GM Monte McNair is already setting an early precedent that the Kings will not be a ‘stagnant’ team.

McNair has made more big moves in his first month and a half on the job than most Kings GM’s have made in their entire SacTown tenure.

Coach Walton

I like what players say about Luke Walton, usually worded in terms of “being relatable to players.”

If Walton isn’t able to progress the team this season, not necessarily win games, but make progress, I think he will be let go before season’s end.

Former NBA head coach Alvin Gentry was brought in by McNair to be the lead assistant coach. I don’t necessarily think that was to put pressure on Walton or to be his predecessor. However, I do think that he would be a good option if the Kings do move on from Walton, and don’t bring in someone from outside the franchise.

Heck, they even brought in a well loved ESPN announcer in Mark Jones! Check out my article on the topic HERE!

It seems as though McNair is making moves for long term consistency, not short term hope.

Bogdanovic Or Buddy?

Simply put, the question we thought might be FINALLY answered is back on the forefront of Kings fans minds.

Check out my article on the topic of who to start, Bogi or Buddy – HERE!

Looking Ahead!

The next few hours, days and weeks will be big in terms of the short term and long term future of the Sacramento Kings.

Will the Kings make another trade? Will they sign any free agents?

Games start in just over a MONTH! Although, there won’t be fans in the stands at The Palace That Vivek Built (Golden1 Center) – NorCal will be rockin’ and ready for more Kings basketball!

Check back for my upcoming article on Tyrese Haliburton, whom the Kings selected 12th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft.

It is an exciting time in SacTown!

GO Kings!

-Tom Witt

Twitter – @tomtoowitty
Instagram – @sactowncrown_kings_report
Sactown Crown Logo

My article on the topic of the original Bogi trade is linked HERE. I wanted to correct a few errors in the previous article – I often misspelled ‘Bogdanovic’. Learning moments, progress is a process.


Sacramento Kings BIG Trade: Bogdanovich Headed to Milwaukee for 3 Players

By: Tom Witt – SacTown Crown – Twitter – @tomtoowitty – 11/17/20

Per Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN – The Sacramento Kings and the Milwaukee Bucks have agreed to a sign and trade involving Bogdan Bogdanovich.

The sign and trade would send Bogdanovich and Justin James to Milwaukee. In return the Kings will receive Donte DiVincenzo, D.J. Wilson and Ersan Ilyasova.

Per NBA rules – the sign and trade will not be official until Sunday 11/22. That is when the free agent moratorium is lifted.

Thoughts On The Bogdanovich Trade

The Kings needed to make this move.

The Kings got worse, in the short term. Though, better positioned for the LONG TERM.

By trading Bogi, in my opinion, maybe moves the Kings from 29-ish wins to 26-ish next season. In other words, the Kings move from 11th seed in the western conference, to the worst team in the west.

Not a bad deal for a team looking to rebuild, while looking ahead at a stacked 2021 draft class.

The Kings need to COMMIT to a rebuild. Our ‘rebuilds of the past’ have been hampered by new coaches, new GM’s, NEW OWNERS, almost moving cities, and a myriad of other tumultuous situations.

The NBA western conference is STACKED. This only solidifies the Kings need to build for the LONG TERM, not hope in the short term.

As much as Kings fans, and me, loved Bogdanovich … in all reality he probably didn’t want to be in Sacramento long term. He’s 28 years old, is an international champion, and wants to win in the NBA.

Because of Bogdanovich’s free agent status – he could have left us for nothing in the free agent market, besides a compensational draft pick.

This move by Kings new general manager Monte McNair is positive for many reasons.

The salary cap.

Setting us up for future moves.

And honestly, getting our team name out there nationally, and showing we are willing to make ‘big’ moves to change the franchise.

Kings Choose Buddy Buckets Over Bogdanovich

This trade will also relieve a lot of the … tension … and questions surrounding Buddy Hield. Hield should presumably be happier now that there won’t be the constant conversation around who should start – Buddy or Bogdanovich.

This move will also make life ‘easier’ for the Kings coaching staff. A happy Hield, seems like a more coachable Hield, just from my perspective.

That is all if the Kings decide to keep Buddy going into the start of the upcoming season – as Hield is constantly involved in trade rumors.

DiVincenzo – A Young Bogdanovich

I see many similarities between Bogdanovich and Donte DiVincenzo.

First off, they are both winners. DiVincenzo won two NCAA national championships at Villanova.

The 23 year old Divincenzo is a solid outside shooter, and improving offensive creator. He also is TOUGH and has great energy and ‘motor’. He will only continue to improve. In 66 games last season, DiVincenzo averaged per game – 23 minutes, 9.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.3 assists.

Most importantly though, DiVincenzo instantly becomes the Kings best on-ball and team defender.

Dante’s defense stood out last season. According to Basketball Reference, DiVincenzo ranked third in the NBA in defensive rating (101.3) and sixth in defensive box plus-minus. He also led the Bucks in steals per game (1.3).

The Red Rocket From The Pocket

The Kings fanbase will fall in love with DiVincenzo because of his energy and passion. I also think that DiVincenzo will thrive off that SacTown energy and love.

DiVincenzo will soak in that ever flowing energy that the SacTown fanbase showers upon any player who gives us a CHANCE at the playoffs.

When the fans are finally able to populate the palace that Vivek built – it will be ROCKIN’.

Capital Christian Alum D.J. Wilson Back in SacTown

D.J. Wilson went to high school in Sacramento at Capital Christian. He has not lived up to his 17th overall selection potential – but he is young, and has a lot of upside. This could be Wilsons opportunity to show what he has.

Ersan Ilyasova is a veteran power forward who could potentially fill a role with the Kings, if they decide to keep him.

Sacramento has A LOT of power forwards – Marvin Bagley III, Richaun Holmes, Nemenja Bjelica, Jabari Parker (who just exercised his option to return to the Kings next year), Harry Giles III … did I miss anyone?

Check out more of my Kings Offseason Opinions and Predictions at the link HERE!

Kings Fans .. Prepare for the Departure of Harry Giles III

It’s as simple as that. The salary cap, the Kings log jam at power forward and the “Marvin Bagley project” all suggest that Harry Giles III won’t be back with the Kings in 2021.

I LOVE Harry Giles III and what he brought to Sacramento. HGIII brought positive energy, a reason for conversation, and big time upside to a fanbase who often doesn’t have anything to look forward to.

In my perfect scenario – Harry continuously improves, gets past his myriad of injuries, and matures into a solid NBA veteran who playoff contenders want on their team.

Picture this – the 2027/28 Kings are the four seed in the NBA west … and Harry is acquired in a midseason trade to add that last needed piece for a championship run. Who knows … a guy can dream, right?!

New GM McNair Setting New Tone

Sacramento’s new GM Monte McNair is already setting an early precedent that the Kings will not be a ‘stagnant’ team. McNair has made more big moves in his first one and a half months on the job than most Kings GM’s have made in their entire SacTown tenure.

Heck, they even brought in a well loved ESPN announcer in Mark Jones! Check out my article on the topic HERE!

It seems as though McNair is making moves for long term consistency, not short term hope.

Coach Walton

I like what players say about Luke Walton, usually worded in terms of ‘being relatable to players’. I think that McNair will continue on his same path of making moves if a need to change presents itself.

If Walton isn’t able to progress the team this season, not necessarily win games, but make progress – I think he will be let go before season’s end.

Former NBA head coach Alvin Gentry was brought in by McNair to be the lead assistant coach. I don’t necessarily think that was to put pressure on Walton or to be his predecessor. I do think that he would be a good option if we do move on from Walton and don’t bring in someone from outside of the franchise.

NBA Draft Wednesday 11/18

The NBA Draft will be held on Wednesday 11/18 on ESPN.

The Kings have been rumored and linked to multiple players, by multiple sources. Most of those players have been considered as ‘3 and D Wings’. Players who can shoot the ball from deep, and also play defense. Common traits that winning NBA teams look for in players, but somehow have escaped the Sacramento Kings.

Some names I’ve talked about in previous articles are –

Saddiq Bey – SacTown Crown article
Aaron Nesmith
Devin Vassell
Patrick Williams

Thanks Bogi!

Personally, Bogdan Boganovich was one of my favorite players on the Kings. The sharp shooter from Serbia was a great fit for the diverse population in the Sacramento area (check out this article on the OLDEST Serbian Orthodox Church in North America just outside of Sacramento in Jackson, CA).

I hope that Bogdanovich gets his chance to shine. With this move to Milwaukee Bogi has some star players around him, playoff opportunities and a shot at winning an NBA championship!

WHO KNOWS … maybe Bogdanovich will come back to SacTown later in his career and help us with a playoff push of our own!

Go Kings!

-Tom Witt

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2020 Sacramento Kings Draft Preview … Preview!

The Kings Have Four Selections In 2020 NBA Draft … Still On The Hunt For A New General Manager


2020 Sacramento Kings Draft Preview … Preview!

The Sacramento Kings finished the 2019-20 season 31-41, 12th overall in the NBA Western Conference.

NBA Draft Lottery 8/20

The Kings currently hold four selections in the 2020 draft. One in the first round and three in the second round.

The NBA draft lottery, which takes place on 8/20, will determine the Kings first round selection. Their second round picks include the 35th, 42nd, and 52nd selection.

According to Tankathon NBA Draft Lottery Board the Kings are most likely going to have the 12th selection in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Sacramento has a 1.3% chance of landing the number one pick, and a 6.3% chance of a top four selection.

Sacramento will most likely be selecting 10th -14th in the draft – barring a trade, or unlikely lottery fortune.

Below is a draft board by Sam Vecenie of ‘The Athletic’

Kings Draft Needs

I think the Kings need to draft a ‘3 and D wing’ player.

The 2020 draft is not ‘stacked’ with ‘superstar’ talent. Although, there do seem to be a slew of players which some NBA scouts deem as future NBA starters and playoff team role players.

That might bode well for the Kings. Sacramento will most likely select in early teens. Which will potentially allow them to not have to ‘overpay’ for an early pick who isn’t a ‘superstar’. While also getting a solid, more ‘NBA’ ready player with their selection.

This is all speculation of course.

In my opinion, the Kings need a player who can play some sort of role relatively quickly. Whether that is hitting three point shots, being a solid defender, grabbing rebounds. In other words, essentially being a solid NBA player while the starters are resting.

At the moment, the Kings don’t really have the team structure to ‘develop’ a raw rookie with huge upside and large potential to be a ‘bust’.

Offseason Movin’ and Groovin’ (Maybe Even Some Boogie-ing?)

One of the things that I love about the NBA offseason and draft is the excitement around potential trades. Trades involving draft selections, as well as already established NBA players.

A ‘knock’ on Sacramento is that it is not a free agent destination.

If the Kings organization are unable to sign big name free agents, they need to acquire players through the draft and through trades.


Trading an asset or two may prove fruitful for the Kings!

For example, trading their 2020 draft selection, one or more of our current players, a potential future draft selection – or a combo of the three.

The Kings need to kind of get ‘lucky’ in terms of timing when it comes to landing a ‘franchise’ changing player via a trade.

They need to find a team that is looking to deal a star player at a ‘logged jam’ position.

Another possibility is finding a trade with a team that is rebuilding or has an unhappy superstar – and get a ‘good deal’ for them.

Three team trades are always fun too!

‘Front Office Shuffle’ Official Dance Of SacTown

Kings general manager Vlade Divac resigned from his role just a few days after the Kings were eliminated from playoff contention.

Sacramento announced that NBA hall of famer and former NBA Executive of the Year award winner Joe Dumars will fill in as interim general manager.

Dumars is ‘leading the search’ for the next GM, though some speculate that he may be the next Kings GM.


One of the biggest keys to this off season, and what the Kings choose to do with their draft picks, relies heavily upon who is hired as GM.

Most talks around the Kings circles claim that head coach Luke Walton is ‘safe’ no matter who the new GM is. Historically, most new GM’s like to install their own ‘team’ of trusted accomplices.

In my opinion, Joe Dumars seems like one of the best candidates to be the long term Kings GM.

The Kings are a young team, with a young coach and a new owner. They need a veteran in there SOMEWHERE.

Dumars won championships with teams he built around DEFENSE in Detroit. He traded Grant Hill and others for Ben Wallace and others. Dumars acquired Rip Hamilton, and helped to revitalize Rasheed Wallace’s career and legacy.

There weren’t any ‘superstars’ on those Detroit teams. That is the mold the Kings need to follow if they want to be successful in Sacramento, which is a not a ‘free agent destination’ city.

One negative in Dumars career is when he drafted Darko Milicic second overall in the 2003 draft, who is seen as a major ‘bust’.

I think that Dumars makes sense for the Sacramento Kings.

Other Names Mentioned In GM Search

One name mentioned is former member of the Kings front office and current New York Knicks GM Scott Perry. Perry played a role in drafting De’Aaron Fox.

Jerry West and a handful of others have been mentioned in EARLY talks, but nothing is anywhere near serious at this time.

Kings Draft Prospects I Will Profile

Barring a trade, or draft lottery fortune, the Kings will most likely be selecting in the early to mid teens in the 2020 draft.

Some of the potential players I will be outlining in the upcoming days and weeks are listed below.




Kevin Martin | MY HERO
Kevin Martin – 2004 1st Round – 26th Selection







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Two New Sacramento Kings Articles!

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They are much shorter, and I think better, than many of my previous game recap articles have been!

Kings Score Season High … Take Down Pelicans – 8/6/20

Kings Look Flat In Loss To Nets – 8/6/20

The Kings play their second to last game of the 8 game NBA ‘bubble’ today against James Harden and the Houston Rockets at 2pm PST!

Go Kings!

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New Kings Article! ‘Kings Score Season High … Take Down Pelicans’ 8/6/20

Link To Full Article

Sneak Preview of Article Below

by SpikeballTom – 






Kings vs. Pelicans final score: Bogdan Bogdanovic redeems himself ...


Sacramento came out HOT and stayed HOT – the Kings score season high 140 points in HUGE victory over the New Orleans Pelicans!

Including 49 points in the 1st quarter – a Sacramento era RECORD!


At the time the game ended the Kings sit 2.5 games back of the 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies.

More importantly, Sacramento is only 1.5 games behind 9th seed Portland Trailblazers.




Bogdan Bogdanovich scored a career high 35 points, 6-9 from 3pt range, including 19 in the first quarter! In addition, Bogi had 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and zero turnovers!

Read More Below …..

Link To Full Article

Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries Profile

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Have you heard of Sacramento Kings guard, DaQuan Jeffries?

I go over his ENTIRE career … from college, NBA G-League star, his shot at the NBA and the future for DaQuan Jeffries!

Link to Article:

Sacramento Kings DaQuan Jeffries Player Profile

How do y’all think DaQuan Jeffries is doing, and how does he fit into the future of the Sacramento Kings!?

Kings and Spikeball?!?

I posed a poll question on my Twitter page …

Cover Photo Conundrum

Oh and there was some … confusion … on my cover photo for the article. Yes, this is a photo of Buddy Hield, going up against DaQuan Jeffries in college.

GO Kings!

-Tom Witt

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